Customised School Swimming Programs

Regional Swim Clinics school swimming programs are customised to a school’s needs. We can develop a program that fits around the school’s schedule, staffing requirements, the schools aim and the student’s abilities.

To produce a customised school swimming program Regional Swim Clinics charges a $200 admin fee which includes a consolation with the school regarding their aims and needs for the program as well as a fully written program outlining the focus of each lesson for each year level.
Regional Swim Clinics will than instruct the program with the help of your staff at a cost of $6 per swimmer per lesson.

Customised school swimming programs can also be developed for the school’s staff to implement at a cost of $300 which also includes a consolation with the school and fully written program.

Regional Swim Clinics staff can train and qualify your staff in the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) Swim Teacher qualification for $315 or provide staff with a short training updates in current swimming requirements for $70 per person.

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Year levels completing the swimming program:

Customised school swimming program and Regional Swim Clinics staff to instructCustomised school swimming programASCTA Swim Teacher course training for staffStaff training updates