School Swimming

During Summer I operate a Swim School from our local public outdoor swimming pool where I teach classes from infants to teenagers, conduct Water Aerobics classes with adults and coach a few competitive swimmers.

After a couple of seasons providing private lessons an opportunity to assist St Patrick’s School in Pyramid Hill implement their swim program showed me the potential to make a big difference to school aged children across Victoria. Having a qualified swim teacher work along side the children’s regular teachers allowed the pupils to learn the required skills quickly and specific lessons could be developed depending on the students requirements.

In 2017 I was asked to develop and teach a program for Wedderburn College students from Foundation to Year 12 and during the implementation of that program it reinforced the difference a targeted swim program can make to school aged children’s abilities and confidence in and around the water. This has inspired me to develop my business further and offer my program to other regional and rural schools across Victoria.

Katrina Van Eyk