Bring Training to Regional Victoria

Bring Training to Regional Victoria

I keep hearing about a lack of Aquatic professionals in Australia but as an industry are we doing enough to promote the fantastic jobs we have on offer in the Aquatic Industry?

My belieft is that we are not, and I don’t believe this problem is just limited to Australia.

Looking at this problem from a regional and rural perspective I feel there is a lot we can do to increase the numbers of swim Aquatic Industry professionals in regional and rural areas.

Most regional and rural pools are only open over the summer months unless you’re lucky enough to live in a larger regional town with an indoor facility. Every year there is a build-up of excitement as the summer months approach and the pool opening draws near. We need to take advantage of this wave of excitement and promote our industry jobs to the public through TV, radio, social media and word of mouth. We need more aquatic courses held in regional and rural areas right before and during the summer season. These courses need to be promoted to older school students as a way of gaining work over their school holidays and the qualification can be used to find work when they move to the cities for University.

We should also be targeting specific demographics in our societies such as stay-at-home parents or retirees. With ageing populations the older generation are looking to work for longer and the water offers non-weight bearing exercise. The older generation also have a lot of wisdom to bring their roles making them more experienced teachers.

Stay-at home parents are looking to move back into the work force once their children are old enough but need flexible working environments. This can easily be offered in many Aquatic Industry roles. The fact that these people are also current parents helps them relate to your customers more easily.

We should be encouraging people to set up part time swim schools in their local pools. They can run the types of classes, and at the times that suit your community. This type of swim school can be low cost and are easily run by one person. These part time swim schools will breathe life back into regional and rural facilities that are not being used to their full potential.

By using effective advertising and training I believe we can build an Aquatic work force from regional and rural areas that specifically caters for regional and rural facilities and communities.

To be part of the momentum of change in the Aquatic Industry we need to take some responsibility ourselves, and insist our industry training providers offer more Aquatic courses in regional and rural areas and at the correct time. We also need to attend Industry conferences and presentations and start asking questions of those leading industry bodies on how they are going to help our industry expand in regional and rural areas. It also takes individuals to stand up and look for diverse ways of servicing our regional and rural areas with Aquatic businesses and jobs. The more Aquatic services we offer the further we can spread the water safety message, which in turn saves lives. Let’s be a part of the change that saves lives!

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